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Japanese Textbook Collection

We recently bought an Ikea Billy bookcase with a glass door to store our collection of Japanese textbooks. A few other books have made it in there too. The copy of Harry Potter on the bottom shelf is for reading in conjunction with the Japanese translation of the same book (ハリーポッタ) on the far right of the top shelf. The books on the left of the middle shelf are mostly for grammar study. The books on the right of the middle shelf and on the top shelf are for studying Japanese characters (漢字).
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I'm not really big on white or modern style but that is a really nice book case! I've always wanted to learn Japanese... It's such a beautiful language.

As a non-Japanese speaker, these books look like genuinely alien documents to me. Accuse me of Orientalism, by all means.

I love the Chinese and Urdu sections of my local public library and the Soviet/Slavaonic titles in the university library are so beautiful. When a book is in a foreign language, they become purely aesthetic items. How interesting.

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this community, good buddy.
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